Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Totem Tea

Teapot envy for that little teapot in front.
Phillip and Dan, co-owners of Totem Tea.
A week ago I had the opportunity to attend the grand opening of Totem Tea.
Philip and Dan did a great job of serving tea and educating those in attendance.
Both of the teas I tasted just had a wonderful freshness about them.
The 2003 Aged Oolong had a nice roastiness that would delight any
palate that enjoys a bit darker tea than the normal oolong.
The Osmanthus Jin Xuan Oolong was so smooth and buttery.
It just delighted my tea loving soul.
If you go online and check out their teas,
also check out their teaware.
They had some sweet little teapots.
One of the teapots is on my bucket list.

Totem Tea is primarily an online business,
but they have a nice little shop to stop by for a tasting.
I would suggest if you are stopping by to contact them first.

Location:  756 N. Page St. #290 (just off N. Interstate), Portland, Oregon
Website:  TotemTea.com 
Definitely worth a visit to their website.

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Bernideen said...

Now isn't that just lovely. I wish them great success! Thanks for sharing and linking Marilyn!

Geoff said...

Jealous of that 2003 oolong.

Lisa Gordon said...

I love finding little shops such as this one.
Lots of great photo opportunities.

Lorrie said...

Tea seems to be increasing in popularity with the younger generation. Perhaps making inroads on Star*ucks? That is a very cute little teapot.

Jeanie said...

That seems a great name for a shop and as Lorrie said, I like seeing younger people go for it, too!