Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Springtime JOY!

Ahhhh!  Springtime and baby lambs!
Driving in the country side is pure JOY when you come across sheep in the field.
Well you may wonder what all those poles are in their field.
Later hops will be growing here.
In the meantime the mama's and their babies graze.
There was a bit of scampering too when I stopped to take a photo.
Springtime is definitely here.
For Springtime makes my heart sing!!!
Now off to search for more signs of Spring.

Don't forget the give-away on Tuesday's post.


Madelief said...

Joy indeed Marilyn! What a delight to have lambs walking in the fields already. I haven't seen them in the countryside around Rotterdam yet.

Enjoy your day!

Madelief x

Mary said...

Had no idea they grew hops in Oregon Marilyn!
Learn something new every day don't we!!!!!

Happy almost Spring - and yes, I love lambs too.

Mary x

Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

Oh yes, pure joy! Sweet fluffy lambs. Doesn't get better than that to welcome springtime.

Jeanie said...

How I love baby lambs! So adorable! Looks like spring has hit your world!

Tracy said...

Sooo LOVELY... and baby lambs... *sigh*... It's been snowing here this week. Spring is a long, long way off yet... LOL! Happy Days soaking up spring there ((HUGS))