Thursday, April 12, 2018


There something about walking a staircase like this
that both makes me feel alone, but also headed somewhere very special.

Recently in an email from Bella Grace Magazine the following came.

David Whyte writes, “One small thing I’ve learned these years, how to be alone, and at the edge of aloneness how to be found by the world.” To heal, we must feel what we feel. Sit down in aloneness and cultivate our capacity to be with everything. This is done little bit by little bit with patient, persistent effort. Gradually, we trust in ourselves—in our enough-ness—even when life is difficult. And from this trusted “edge of aloneness,” we connect with the world in a more wholehearted way.

Does this resonate with you?
Do you sometimes feel alone? 
Then the word "enough" pops in there 
and I realize that those little things make life "enough".
There are many days on the "edge of aloneness",
especially when I am stuck at home too long,
where I must step outdoors
and savor nature
then surround myself with others.
Sometimes it takes an effort just to notice what is needed
and then to act on that need.
Definitely I must embrace movement wholeheartedly
to rid myself of "aloneness" for another day.

It is the acknowledging and then acting
that rids us of feeling alone for sure!


Jeanie said...

That is SO good! I'm pretty good at being alone -- as an only child, it's a skill you develop early on and one I value. In fact, it's often what I prefer, being far more of a natural introvert than extrovert. I have a piece coming out soon in Modern Creative Life where that is partly addressed.

I love your photo and your thoughts are so very spot on.

Tracy said...

Edge of aloneness... Goodness, David Whyte writes so much beauty and wisdom! Aloneness is an interestint question. While I like solitude, and alone time, lonesome is a feeling I've experience before, and sort of goes beyond aloneness... where even one's own company feels empty. I like alone time, as it is it in silence I most often encounter God. I can be a little too interoverted, so I really have to push the edge of aloneness and get out there, out into the world and mingle...because I'm happy when I do that too, for I do enjoy being with others and having real conversation. :) TERRIFIC post, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Lorrie said...

I love solitude and can sit with it for a long time. But I know that connection with others is important for well-being. I also like being alone in a crowd, observing without taking part. A thought-provoking post, Marilyn.

Mary said...

I often wish I had more time alone as I do not need to be in the company of others all the time. Like you though dear friend, sometimes I just have to step out into the garden, watch the naughty squirrels running up and down the trees, on and off the bird feeders, etc., and listen to the clear notes of a beautiful bird song, and I'm no longer alone.