Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Seize the Day

Sometimes there is an adventure that comes to our attention
yet we hesitate to jump later regretting it.
Well recently there was the annual Spring show at my local antique mall.
My schedule was full, but there was a little window in the day
and I jumped, seizing this window of time.
I am always glad when I do it, for it is my JOY and Delight
to view the beauties of the show.
So fresh and welcoming was this daybed.
I just wanted to curl up with a good book and seize moments of comfort there.
  But then a comfy chair might do the trick.
  Or I could have easily moved that plant and sat with a cup of tea.
Springtime always brings out the flowers
and I was not disappointed.
Bouquets were tucked everywhere,
they just made me smile.
Along with the flowers there was tea tins.
Oh if only I had room in my house these tins would have come home.
Isn't this an amazing twiggy basket.
Now I think I would tuck some primroses inside.
And there was yet another scale.
Picturing a baby being weighed on this one.
And then we dance!
Of course, we do!
It does my heart well to dance, skip, and sing,
but mostly just to savor and delight in the day at the antique mall.

I don't go to shop, I go to soothe my soul, snap a few pictures,
and just enjoy seizing the day.


wisps of words said...

Smile... Your schedule was full. I just can't imagine having a full schedule. But then, I am much older than you are.

Enjoy all your activity, because you obviously do. I've just never been a go-go-go person.


Jeanie said...

I don't go to those to shop, either but this was such a good one, I would have been sorely tempted, especially with the daybed and the chair! So many pretty things -- and I'll be you had a ball!

Gram said...

I love visiting antique malls - very soothing to me, even when I don't purchase something.

Mary said...

This was a lovely place to visit Marilyn. I too no longer buy - my days of vintage/antiques treasure hunting are mostly over as I really have to downsize. I was overwhelmed with 'stuff', especially from when I had the booth at SuzAnna's, much of it so beautiful, but just nowhere left to place each once-loved piece. I've still got plenty to display but trying hard not to be talked into buying more.

I feel so bad about getting behind with comments - I always read you each day but it's been hard catching up since coming home. Will try to do better from here on out - I have gone back to the beginning of the month and left some quickies on your lovely posts.

Hope you're really well again by now and enjoying Springtime.
Love, Mary

Red Rose Alley said...

Antique malls are my cup of tea too, Marilyn. Always something lovely to see, even if we don't buy. It's nice that you were able to take some pictures there. I may have gotten that 'seize the day' pillow. It's so cute.


Louca por porcelana said...

Great pictures!

Angela McRae said...

Now I just love your idea of going and snapping photos as memories of the day. I'm low on room for collecting too (which is not necessarily a bad thing), but this method lets you enjoy the beauty without contributing to more clutter. Love it!