Tuesday, April 17, 2018

View in the Garden and a Rest

Each Friday I see this view in my garden.
Not necessarily cherry blossoms,
but definitely linen on the line.
How wonderful to tuck in at night to freshly
dried linen sheets from the garden.

This week I am trying to get better.
It is a chest cold, but just exhausting.
I will be tucking into the sheets a bit more,
taking a rest and a break.
See you here next Monday, dear friends.
Have an extra special week.


wisps of words said...

Oh so sorry you have a spring cold. One of our sons does, and another person we know. -sigh- Just when I was relaxing, about getting a cold. -sigh-

Rest! Let your body fight off this chest cold, which are miserable things. Then rest more, to let your body recover, from the "fight."


Jeanie said...

Sorry you're not feeling so well, Marilyn. Do take care, lay back and heal and we'll see you next week!

thel day said...

I just got over a sinus cold. Nothing beats bed clothes dried on the clothes line. I dry as much clothes as I can on the line except Winter time here it is too cold and they freeze stiff.
Get plenty of rest and feel better soon.

Red Rose Alley said...

Have a nice rest, Marilyn. I hope you feel better, dear.


Steph said...

Feel better soon!!!! I love this photo, the sepia tone is lovely.

Pam Jackson said...

When my kids were young I always hung clothes out. I was thinking the other day that I would like to have another clothes line so I can enjoy the smell of clothes on the line. Great pic by the way.

Joy said...

I hope you are soon over the cold! Rest and get well.

Mary said...

By now I'm hoping you are much better.

I wish I could hang my linens outside in good weather - actually, come to think of it, why don't I? Perhaps I can get Bob to help me put up a line - I already have an English 'peg bag' filled with vintage wooden clothes pins!

I notice Trish is now offering some lovely linen clothes too - but have to admit the prices are beyond my budget!!

Hugs - Mary