Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tea on the Beach

The weather here in Portland, Oregon has recently
turned to a more summery feel.
They say it won't last, but for now we are soaking up the sun.
So a quick trip to the Columbia River, about 10 minutes
from my home, to have some tea and enjoy the day.
The tea is Japanese Sencha from Harney and Sons.
A light tea to enjoy by the sea (couldn't resist the rhyme),
but really by the river.
What better way to enjoy time away than with a cup of tea,
soak up the late afternoon sun and walk along the river's edge.
 The views along the river include watching the planes
take off and land at the airport.
 Mt. Hood in the distance.
And greeting people out enjoying the day,
walking or biking along the trail.
Every time I go here I say the same thing,
why don't I come more often.
Tea, a beautiful day, and walking,
what more could I want.

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wisps of words said...

By any body of water, is a joy!

And what lovely things you have to view, where you live. Just beautiful and interesting. thank you for taking me!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a lovely tea that you had by the river. You must've left feeling so refreshed!

Time Traveling in Costume said...

That sounds so relaxing, and what a beautiful view of Mt Hood thrown in. :)

Bernideen said...

Dear Marilyn:
How fortunate you are to have such a lovely spot on a river for a picnic and tea time! Only 10 minutes away is delightful for you! Thanks for sharing this pretty getaway!

Red Rose Alley said...

How delightful. Your pictures are always so interesting, Marilyn. : )

Your post has made me want to visit the Lake in the next town over.


Jeanie said...

Well, you can enjoy it by the sea too, just not on this particular day! It looks divine. Isn't it nice to see spring -- those lovely blue skies!

Jean | said...

Marilyn, what a beautiful scene! I'm so happy that you have such a spot so close to home.

Sylvia said...

Marilyn, The tea photo taken from the top was really good. I liked that one the best. We are having summer weather here too. Thanks for sharing great photos and have a nice week. Sylvia D.

Louca por porcelana said...

Beautiful landscapes!Your tea time is perfect!Loved to see it!Hugs!

Tracy said...

Oh, how this refreshes the senses! I just love your traveling teas, Marilyn...and seeing where you go with it! :) ((HUGS))

Angela McRae said...

Lovely! Tea at the sea (or river) sounds absolutely divine!

Lorrie said...

How pretty! This has been a lovely week and perfect for tea by the water.

Rosemary said...

Such a perfect setting for tea... so delightful...