Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Weighing In

 What is it about old scales that intrigues us
or is it just me?
Is there a need to be accurate and measure each step
of the way?
 Or do we dream of tossing them out
and sending them on their way?
 Maybe we just wipe there faces clean
so we can wing it to the moon and back.
But then there comes that little pig
and we weigh him in and say you would be a tasty dish.

It was intriguing to find so many scales about as
I visited the antique shop recently.
I wondered if people were no longer weighing in
and going more free style this year.
Or maybe they are weighing in with more modern tools.
Do you find you need to weigh in from time to time?
Maybe sit with someone special and share your thoughts.
Someone that keeps you on track and weighing in?
Maybe it is measuring in the kitchen,
but maybe it is something in your life?
Enjoy the process which ever way you weigh in each day!


thel day said...

Thanks. This really makes me thing about weighing in. We must weigh in from time to time as life go by so fast. Nice blog.

Jeanie said...

I love an old scale. And weighing in? Yes, every day or else I would get totally out of control! But the scale I need requires a little more weight than the ones you showed!

Lorrie said...

Old scales are very picturesque. I remember the scale my grandfather used on his raspberry farm. I wonder where it went.

Mary said...

I've always been intrigued by vintage scales - the piggy one is very unusual.