Thursday, July 5, 2018


Do you love to dance?
As a young girl I wanted to dance,
but I was brought up in a family that thought dance was a sin.
How sad that anyone would think that.
When my daughter was two she wanted to dance;
so I found a class for little ones and she danced.
She still loves moving her body to the music.
Well the same place she took dance had classes for the moms.
And I danced!
I was in a performance at 40 years old.
Dancing is indeed like dreaming.
A dance step can suddenly appear as we walk down the street.
Don't ignore it.
Embrace it!
And Dance!
Feel the beat and let your body respond with JOY and LOVE.
Release that song in your heart and DANCE.
Do you hear the music of your heart?
Listen closely.

The first two pictures are from The Farm Chick show
and the bottom picture was taken when I was walking along
a sidewalk and this plaque was included in the pavement.
Yes, I danced, I walked, and It delighted my heart.


Linda deV said...

I danced. I still dance. It makes my heart soar. I love the way the head turns off and the body takes over. I love the way it brings back my youth if even for just a few minutes.

I am glad you danced too.

wisps of words said...

I only dance now, when no one is looking. :-)

Actually I never had any training. It's just that I feel music, and can never really "keep totally still," when I hear it.

Keep right on dancing!!!!

Jeanie said...

I love the quote but what I really loved was hearing about you taking dance lessons and your performance. I love it at weddings. Wish Rick liked to more!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

How lovely! I too love to dance but don't do much now, you have inspired me to move to the music!!