Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Walk on the Wild Side

Saturday my sister and I got together to celebrate our March birthdays.
We do that every year since we met.
We didn't grow up together; so we met when I was 50 years.
Every year since then we have gotten together in March.
Nature and being outdoors is so important to me and
I have loved sharing that with my sister.
I found a nature walk that was happening at the Deepwood Estates in Salem
and we ventured out in search of wildflowers.
It was a perfect day for exploring.
Eventhough our spring is a bit earlier than some other parts of the country,
I wasn't sure we would find much.
Our spring sightings have actually been a couple weeks later than usual.
I was thrilled with what we found.
Little spots of joy here and there.
We were walking with a botanist; so she helped us find some beauties.
Isn't it fun to go exploring?
Do you just love what we find in spring?
New growth was everywhere!

And promises of things to come.
With just these glimpses in nature I know I will be returning in a few weeks to see more.
I love the new buds and flourishes of springtime when we stop to look.

As we left the meadow there was one more glimpse of the gorgeous home
and gardens at Deepwood Estate in Salem, Oregon.
This walk made my heart happy to be surrounded with early peeks of springtime.
It definitely was a walk on the wild side.

Happy springtime, dear friends!


Sandi said...

Oh! Little sparks of spring.

Lowcarb team member said...

Spring is a wonderful season.

All the best Jan

Jeanie said...

Dark and dense! it looks a little scary but what great fun!