Friday, April 19, 2019

Bunnies in the Garden

Scampering up the tree, Christmas bunny found the bird house.
No one residing there right now, but maybe as spring goes along a resident we will see.
 There are bunny sightings throughout the garden.
I just get a glimpse for just a moment and a snap of the camera.
This bunny must be the egg hiding bunny.
The big bunny below decorates the garden;
she looks over the baby bunnies.
She is the matron of the bunny society.
This tiny bunny sits very still indeed,
waiting to join the fairies in a dance of springtime.
And this bunny tucked in the flowers is purveyor of springtime coming to the garden.
She placed her bow just so, a harbinger of spring in green.
Do  you have bunnies bounding about?
Tucking eggs in the garden to delight the little ones?
Or just to encourage springtime growth?
Oh those bunnies are running here and there,
a welcome to springtime and Easter for sure.

Happy Easter, dear friends!
May your weekend be full of delight!


Anne's Phamilyblog said...

Happy Easter! Loved seeing this sweet share. Hope your weekend is delightful. Thank you for sharing. HUGS

Jeanie said...

I do have bunnies in the house and in the garden, though no living ones yet! And we will "plant" some colorful eggs tomorrow for Carson -- who knows if he'll know what to do!

Red Rose Alley said...

So many cute bunnies in the garden. That last one is my favorite. Her face is sweet.

Happy Easter to you, Marilyn.


a rich tapestry said...

Bunnies have to be a part of Easter, don't they? Your bunnies are sweet. Did you hide some Easter eggs for your grandson to find? That tradition is always fun! I'm sure you had a special Easter whatever you did.

Tracy said...

This was sooo SWEET, Marilyn!! :))) Hope you & yours had a blessed Easter weekend! ((HUGS))

Rosemary said...

What fun to have all those bunnies scampering about your gardens! Hope your Easter was a happy celebration!