Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Light guides the Way

There is something about light houses that calls to me.
I dream of living in one when I need time alone.
Can you imagine taking a pile of books, some good nibbles and tea,
a comfy quilt, pillows and just hiding away for a time?
Light draws us in.
We look at the moon and we smile.
When spring time comes along we revel in having more light and color.
I have always wanted to take a light house tour of the east coast,
because I thought that was where the best lighthouses resided.
Recently, just this year, I have visited three on the west coast that delighted me.
They still send out their warning of a shore nearby to ships going by.
But in the meantime they sit in sweet, quiet splendor showing us the way.

Do you dream of time away?
Would it be in a lighthouse?

Each lighthouse is on the coast of Oregon.
The first is just north of Oceanside,
the second at Port Townsend,
and the third on Whidbey Island.


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Lighthouses are so neat and symbolic. Such a neat post.

Rosemary said...

Light houses spark an imagination of a different lifestyle! Not sure it is for me - perhaps for a quick visit. Love the variety of these three west coast light houses.

Thelma said...

Nice post.I love lighthouses. I grew up beside one.
I did a lighthouse tour of my region in Eastern Canada. I visited 13 lighthouses. I did a blog post on them last month "The Lighthouses of Gaspé."
I also visited 2 on the West coast of Canada while visiting my son in Vancouver last Fall. I will post it after Easter.

Have a Happy Easter. Thelma.

Mary said...

I really love visiting them too - we have some really special ones here on the east coast - come see them some day Marilyn, you'd be impressed. I've climbed a couple, doubt I could do all those stairs these days though!

Jeanie said...

Recently Thelma's blog had a tour of three posts about Nova Scotia/eastern Canadian lighthouses. They were fascinating. I love them too -- this is a pretty one, Marilyn. I don't know if I'd like to live in one but it would be fun to do one a a B&B.

Alibek Issaev said...

I love your blog!

Tracy said...

Oooo...this was beautiful... and fun too! I've always had a special liking for lighthouses, and a desire to stay overnight in one. Hasn't happened yet, but hopefully one day... would love that! There's just something really romantic about a house like that by the seas, the whole thing with light and keeping watching... ((HUGS))