Friday, July 19, 2019

A Picnic with Tea

This coming Saturday, tomorrow in fact, I will be speaking
at the TeaFestPDX on Packing for Tea Outdoors.
The two pictures in this post will be shared.
The first is my "live-in gardener" that I think loves
tea outdoors as much as I do.
He is carrying much of the tea picnic outdoors
as we walk the trail at Silver Falls here in Oregon.
It is a beautiful place for tea.
So off we went one summer day.

Two of the quotes I will be sharing are as follows:

"Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors."
~Alice Walker
 I say: Whether tea is indoors or outdoors, it is always a picnic.

 "A picnic is a state of mind
and can be made anywhere."
~Susan Branch
Do you love picnics?
Have you ever taken tea along?

It really is quite easy if you have a thermos of hot water and some tea.
Just take a small pot to brew in and some small cups for sipping.

What food will you take?
Maybe some cucumber sandwiches and a cookie?

Plan a picnic with tea this weekend and celebrate from afar.
I will be celebrating tea this weekend with about 2000 people.
I have planned for it since January and finally it is here.

Monday I will rest!

Happy Weekend, dear friends!


Jeanie said...

I've never taken tea on a picnic but you often inspire me to give it a shot. Maybe in the fall! I love the photo of your tea-caddy! I'm glad he loves doing it as much as you do!

Cucumber sandwiches sound yum on a hot day!

a rich tapestry said...

Enjoy your celebration of tea talk. Your photos are well chosen to illustrate it. Whether simple or elaborate tea time is a special occasion every time. We take a hamper for a family picnic out in the countryside or an old fashioned vacuum flask filled with tea and a few sandwiches when we stop for refreshments and a break when travelling to the south of England to see family. Hope you have a restful Monday!

mamasmercantile said...

Exciting times, I hope you tea with so many is a huge success. Beautiful photos and quotes.

Mary said...

Hope yesterday was fun! Tea is always on the menu for the British - even The Queen has a cup of tea with a biscuit when waking in the morning! Tea breaks at work mid-morning and afternoon were a must, and summer Sunday afternoons we often headed to Dartmoor with the thermos, and of course a cucumber or cheese and watercress sandwich!!!!!
Oh yes, at scenic overlooks etc., it's not unusual to see Brits sitting in the car with a Thermos of tea and a packet of shortbread. . . . . . . .as the rain tipples down. Eccentric, yes, but it's inbred and a lot of fun!

Great pic of Jim - wish I could get Bob to wear his shorts, especially in these 100+ days we're having, whew, it's HOT!