Monday, September 16, 2019

Garden Quotes 2019

It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring,
who reaps a harvest in the Autumn.
~B.C. Forbes

On my way home yesterday I noticed this field of pumpkins
and was reminded of harvest time.
Snapped as the car sped down the freeway.
Quick snaps of Autumn arriving in my part of the world.

 A bit fuzzy, but in front of my house the leaves are beginning to change color.
Autumn is definitely in the air.


Tracy said...

Oooo...woo-hoo! A field of pumpkins!! Thank you for taking me there, Marilyn! That's something you just don't see here, and I miss that--a "taste of home"! I miss home in autumn. Happy Autumn days, my friend ((HUGS))

Unknown said...

Beautiful as always. I thank you for all you share.
Love Jeanne

Mary said...

Wow, that's an amazing pumpkin 'patch' Marilyn!
Not many signs of autumn here yet, however a couple of cooler days/nights promised this week so I know the leaves will soon start changing. We'll miss much of the color perhaps as we'll be away almost three weeks in Oct. Not buying any pumpkins until we come home in case they rot in the heat!

Red Rose Alley said...

What a wonderful sight that field of pumpkins is. Yes, you can see the leaves are changing color on the tree in front of your house. And the orange flowers are beautiful. Looks just like Autumn. : )


mamasmercantile said...

The pumpkins were a delight to see. Sadly we don't have any growing on the Island.

Jeanie said...

I do like drive by shootings like that -- and that bloom at the end is the most beautiful of all!