Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Stories for my Sister

Grab yourself a cup of tea and settle down for a chat longer than usual.

Recently I finished reading this book. It was said that I might see myself in the story. Certainly I did,
but a different story. A story of a single mom and two daughters. The story came from the older daughter, but it was their story. And that is where my story is similar to this story, but then my story goes a different direction.
Sometimes our stories can be told or written sad or they can be of happy times,
but to mix the two can be a challenge.  Elizabeth did both and I am still remembering this story.
Her book is definitely worth reading. Definitely check it out.
Where my story goes, well shall I tell you the struggles, the sad parts or do I tell you
the sugar coated pretty parts?

I could tell you about my mother being called "the stupid one" as a child.
I could tell you about my pregnant mother and I being deserted by my father when I was two.
I could tell you about abuse in the church for those I knew and
how that formed my spiritual beliefs.
I could tell you of learning that my father's family had a lot of sexual abuse stories
and my sister and I were so lucky not to have been a part of that.
I could tell you of difficult times in my life.

But I will tell you this!
As a child as I saw abuse around me I grew strong, I became a strong woman.
I know myself and I know how to take care of myself.
I learned to have an active fantasy life, dreaming dreams
of fairies and woodland creatures.
I learned to follow my dreams.
Growing up I emotionally supported my mom and I hope I
helped her realize she wasn't stupid.
Once I started babysitting I bought my own fabric and made my clothes.
One dream was to dance, though not accepted by my church;
I danced in my 30's. I dance in my stories.
Another dream was to go to design school and work with apparel.
In my 40's I did just that.
In my 50's I met my half siblings and learned even more how lucky
my sister and I were not to have the biological father in our lives.
During this time I learned to have a voice, speak for myself and
no one was going to take advantage of this strong woman.
Yes, I am getting older, I am getting stronger each day.
I speak truth.
As a 65 year old I picked up a camera and learned to listen and notice what I notice.
My husbands thinking was that it should be the man that takes the pictures,
but I listened to my heart.
I still know there are fairies out there and angels walking with me.
I walk on tiptoes with them.
I still imagine the dancing and can hear the music.
In my 70's I still notice what I notice,
I listen to my heart strings,
and I dance*.

Do you also notice what you notice?
Listen to your heart strings and dance?

Each of us has our own stories.
Sometimes our stories are the same, but most often they diverge into
our own unique story.
Pay attention to your story and allow it to make you a stronger person.
This story is for my sisters too. You know who you are more than I know you.

*Dance for me is figurative in nature, most often it is in my dreams and 
in the movement of my heart strings, or just a slight movement of my toe or hand.

Happy weekend, dear friends!
I am saying this early as I will be away on a small adventure,
an adventure where I plan on a dance or two.
Be back on Monday.


Thelma said...

I enjoyed reading your story Marilyn. I'm in my 70's also and can relate to some of your story.
Thanks for sharing. Have a good weekend.

mamasmercantile said...

May you have any more adventures and enjoy your dance. Stay strong.

Jeanie said...

I had no idea, Marilyn. I am in awe and filled with admiration for how you not only made your life in the face of circumstances that could have taken a different track -- and how you continue to live it to the fullest. And hats off to your mother as well. This really is a wonderful post and I'm so glad you shared this very personal part of your story with us all.

Red Rose Alley said...

We all have a story, Marilyn, and thank you for sharing a little of yours. And after everything, I love how you still believe in fairies, dreams, and you can still DANCE! Keep taking pictures too - it's a beautiful hobby. And yours are enchanting. : )


marysuze said...

Thank you, Marilyn, for this beautiful story. I love to hear what strong women have learned. I love that you dance and love fashion and tea. For my part, I sing and draw. God bless you! Sue

Lorrie said...

I so much enjoyed reading more about your story. I love the way you chose to dance and immerse yourself in beauty rather than sink into sadness and unfulfillment. I, too, dance and dream, and pursue life.

I hope you are enjoying your adventure and that you dance with abandon!

Terra said...

I like your story, you faced hardship and came out strong, and still dance and notice good things.

Linda P said...

Glad that past experiences have made you a wise lady that's positive, full of imagination and ready for the next adventure. Looking forward to hearing more.

Mary said...

Marilyn, I admire you so for sharing the stories of your life here. It's hard to grow up I'm sure without two parents. Your mother must have been a wonderful person, passing along much she was perhaps not credited with by others to make life safe and special for you girls.

Dance on sweet friend, in your tutu or ballgown - in the garden or woods, along the shoreline in the sunlight.
Remember the good times, continue to make more happy memories - and enjoy your time away.

Happy travels dear friend.
Mary x

P.S. I will look for that book.

Joy B said...

Your story is an inspiration!

Unknown said...

About all I can say is WOW!!! What a touching and meaningful story! My heart is touched!! Thank you for sharing.....


Shirley Wright said...

What a beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you for sharing. Your story touched my heart. I want to read the book!

Tracy said...

Oh, Marilyn... this is courage! "I am getting older, I am getting stronger each day. I speak truth..." I LOVE these words, and I LOVE you being brave for sharing some of your life, your story with us here. I'm so glad you became the one to take the pictures--because you speak your truth with photos in a way only you can... and how bless we are for that! :) How very sad and sorry I am for the hardships you faced in your family, the abuses you discovered. How glad I am you grew strong in spite of all the difficulties. And what a blessing is dance! In my 40's now, I'm discovering my body in a way that feels like for real, for the first time, and movement of any kind feels such a joy. Hubby had to laugh at me this past weekend during a walk in the woods while I skipped and "played horse/unicorn"... 'dance like no one is watching!"... ;) VERY excited to hear/see about your adventures! ((HUGS))