Friday, March 27, 2020

Art in a Time of Quiet

 Creativity is the heart and soul of who I am,
but for quite a few years all I have done is take pictures and write,
plus quite a bit of sipping tea.

I kept saying I needed to do something creative, but just didn't do it.
So this time of pause, a quiet time, finally I am picking up the art supplies
stored away in baskets and bins.
Well I thought what could I sketch on?
It just made sense to sketch on used teabags,
a way of recycling them.
What a fun challenge that would be. 
The top two pictures are works in progress.
There are mushrooms with critters
and then flowers too.
 I am rather enjoying this.
The four against the basket are finished.
 Now I have other ideas of subject matter, but for the most part I am loving
including nature in art.
Hoping I can/will continue after we can leave our homes again.

Yes, there is tea sipping along with the art.
Afterall now there is a purpose for those teabags of peppermint tea
I sip in the evenings.

Are you doing art or something you don't normally do?
Reading more books?
Hoping you each find joy in the little things!



Rosemary said...

What creative artistry. I love the flowers! You have found a perfect pandemic pastime.

mamasmercantile said...

What an inspiration you are and very talented. I have been writing poetry something that I have never attempted before' Stay safe.

Jeanie said...

Marilyn, they are all lovely! Isn't it fun to realize that this talent you've wanted to do is something you do so well?! Just delightful and I really love the nature theme. Makes me smile, this post! Smile big! Thanks!

Mary said...

These are certainly little jewels Marilyn, such a great idea which has really turned out so well. Being small, I could see them framed in a collage - how lovely they would look on your wall.
I dragged out my 'years before blogging' art supplies too - what's left of them. I shared much of my scrapbooking materials with my neighbor but am thinking perhaps I will get back to making cards with my photos.

Books? Oh yes, reading a lot, and watched the charming movie The Bookshop this week - which was beautifully filmed in Ireland.

Stay safe - hugs,

Red Rose Alley said...

That's very creative, Marilyn. I would never have thought to sketch on tea bags. I didn't realize you drew. What a wonderful talent. All my children can draw, and I don't know where they got it, not so much haha.

Have a lovely Sunday, Marilyn.


Tracy said...

LOVE, love, love this, Marilyn! I love tea bag art! I've not done much fine are in a long while, so this is inspiring! We need delights extra much just now! :) ((LOVE & HUGS))