Monday, March 30, 2020

Word for the Day - 2020

Surreal, as in humor

Wikipedia says: 
 a form of humour predicated on deliberate violations of causal reasoning, 
producing events and behaviours that are obviously illogical.

Yesterday as I was thinking about the Covid-19 virus this
is what came to mind, surreal. It is beyond my comprehension, not something
I have experienced in my lifetime. There doesn't seem to be an answer
to how this came to be. For awhile yesterday I watched a live conference
on global/environmental issues and I have seen articles on environmental, 
global warming issues that could effect the virus's living dormant around us.
But for me, an unscientific person it is all surreal, it doesn't make sense.
Are we really living in the Twilight Zone?
That is how it feels.

 On the last days of March in the past few years these were the pictures I was focusing on.
Flowers and Springtime!
 Walks in the country!
 More flowers and Easter coming!
 And now we almost have to laugh because it is so surreal
that we are shut in our homes, living in fright at something unseen,
but so devastating and so worrisome, that we can not really comprehend it.

How are you doing through this time of isolation?

My "live-in gardener" and I walked to a little neighborhood market
and I was thrilled to find a can of garbanzo beans on the shelf.
Score! I can make hummus now to go with some crackers on our shelf.
It's the little things that are bringing JOY.
But still it is hard for my mind to wrap it's head around this.
It definitely feels "surreal", rather illogical in so many ways
that it just makes me want to laugh and cry all at the same time.

Take care, dear ones, and for now stay put.
There will be a time coming when we can once more dance in the streets.


Red Rose Alley said...

This is an scary time in our lives right now, but when we find some joy in the little things around us, it makes things much better. I'm sorry you're living with anxiety at the moment. Many people are, and the question I keep hearing is if this is going to come back again once it leaves us? But I'm glad that you got your mind off things for awhile and took a walk to the market and got your garbanzo beans. I love that tea cup, Marilyn.


a rich tapestry said...

Focusing on the beauty in nature is the way I'm coping with this serious situation Marilyn. Your teacup arrangement is pretty and I imagine gathering flowers from the garden, selecting and arranging them is a way to relax. I try to switch off from too much information about the science of this pandemic and the future impact it might have if it lingers. That's not to say I'm not moved by the way it is causing distress to people all over the world right now. I'm so glad that you and your husband were able to walk out and the market was open. Restrictions here are very tight. Walking is encouraged for exercise and for essential needs, but only within a short distance of home. Police are enforcing strict measures and stopping people and asking them the reason for being out-and-about. The satisfaction of getting a breath of fresh air in the neighbourhood has gone, but we're thankful for a warm home and our sheltered existence there and in our garden. All the best to you both and to your family.

Tracy said...

Thank you for all the beauty you continue to share here, Marilyn... It's been some crazy time lately. Not being a science-minded person, all this Covid-19 is beyond my comprehension. That said, I do think as a human speices, if we want to continue to be, we have to rethink the things we're eating, animal care, planet care... All this is just another cog in the wheel of us slowly killing ourselves with bad practices. Sorry... Don't mean to add to the bad news... haha! Actually, I try to limit my exposure to news--too much makes my heart hurt and my anxiety levels go up. :/ We're in week 3 of shutdown here. We're doing OK. Mostly missing going to the library, which we do every other week or so! Life definitely feels unreal in some ways! Be taking good care there, my friend... be keeping safe and well ((LOVE & HUGS))

mamasmercantile said...

Glad you were able to leave your home albeit for a short while and experience a little normality with the purchase of beans. Take care and stay safe.

Jeanie said...

You nailed it with Surreal. The fact that something is unseen and yet look at the carnage in its wake. I go through coping well to coping badly, anxiety mostly. Missing physical contact. Lizzie is the only living thing I have touched in nearly three weeks. She doesn't realize what a lifeline she is to me.