Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Pandemic Tea Time

 Tea time during a pandemic!
Strange title for sure, but exactly what it is.
My birthday was a 1 1/2 weeks ago and it had to be canceled because of the pandemic.
Today I was scheduled to leave for India, which would have been a dream come true trip.
It was canceled because of the pandemic. So sad about this!!!
Thus said, I am so thankful for being in my own home safely tucked away
that I wanted to do something to celebrate.
Sunday I made the celebration happen by creating a tea time in the garden house
for those of us living in my house.
There are three of us, my "live-in gardener" (husband) and "live-in son".
I told my son "no coffee" as this was a tea time.
My husband made his own herbal tea (tisane).
And then we sat in the garden house and celebrated being there together.
There were tortilla wraps with turkey, cream cheese, and red currant jelly,
calla lily shaped sandwich with cream cheese and orange marmalade,
toasted shamrocks with honey butter, and
toothpicks with pickled beets and olives.
The scone was from a Sticky Fingers mix and was white chocolate/raspberry.
I actually had a little Irish butter, which was delicious on the scones
and a bit of a treat. Not something I usually buy.
Then for the sweet one, my challenge for this year is to make pavlova,
so I made small shells and filled them with vanilla cream
topped off with raspberry, banana, and frozen red currants.
I think they turned out quite yummy.
For some reason I had never made vanilla pudding/cream before
and was surprised how well it turned out and not hard at all.
So thankful for what I have tucked in the freezer too.
Now I must admit the scone mix was suppose to be a gift,
but I will replace it again and give it to the recipient when I can see her.
I think I will get one for my shelf too, it is very handy in a pinch and only took
water to make them.  This is being said from someone that is getting low on flour
and there is none to be found.
Oh and there was a good tea served too.
It was Ceylon Gold, white tea, a gift at Christmas from a friend.
Thanks friend, it is a good one.

Let's celebrate each day however makes our heart happy.
For me tea time in the garden house indeed makes my heart happy.


Mary said...

Such a fabulous tea Marilyn - you really went all out for your guys - hope they celebrated your belated birthday too! I've used Sticky Fingers scone mixes, they are good to have on hand.

Yes, India's 1.6 billion people are in lock down now - what a horrendous picture that paints! Thank goodness you didn't go earlier and get stuck there. Here's to the trip at another, better time. . . . . . .which we travelers will all be hoping for.

Take care dear.

Teresa said...

You have such a good outlook, when dealing with disappointment. Instead of dwelling on what you don't have, you focus on what you do! I'm sorry to hear your trip isn't happening. Hopefully, when this is all over, you will have another opportunity. I'm enjoying the solitude! Sometimes, our world spins too quickly. I'm looking at this as a reprieve to slow down and catch up.
Sips and Smiles, (And belated happy birthday!)

Jeanie said...

I'm sorry about your trip, Marilyn. But I love how you honored the day and did something lovely and fun. That's how we cope and get through I believe. It all looks fabulous and you were surrounded by your men (except Joey. I don't know if he'd like tea time...)

I love your tea bag piece that you shared with me. Many thanks! It's hanging where I can see it all the time and it makes me smile.

Rosemary said...

Such a lovely afternoon tea! And the best way to celebrate the loss of your trip is to enjoy one of your favorite pastimes. A family gathering around the tea table is reason to rejoice!

Anne's Phamilyblog said...

Happy Birthday to you and I am sorry you had to cancel outside plans but you shared your tea and beautiful table and treats with those you love. I miss all the tea exchanges and different parties everyone use to share. But it is lovely to see all your treasures and wishing you a beautiful day and praying we all won't have to be under locked down much longer. HUGS for GOOD HEALTH xo

Bernideen said...

What a beautiful spread you have displayed and a lovely table! HAPPY BIRTHDAY in spite of this time of difficulty and looks like you sure made the best of it!

Red Rose Alley said...

What a lovely table you set, Marilyn. And Happy Birthday! So sorry your trip was canceled. We had to cancel our fundraiser dinner also, and I missed seeing all the family being together. But we have so many blessing inside our own homes, don't we? The pavlova looks amazing. All the food you prepared looks so Yummy. Sometimes the small quaint gatherings can be just as nice as the elaborate ones.


martea said...

Such a lovely tea time celebration! Your garden house is such a special place to enjoy tea times....the perfect setting for your family celebration of your birthday.

a rich tapestry said...

Your teatime with your menfolk looks delicious. You created an enjoyable spread with what you had available. Belated birthday wishes. We're using up store cupboard and freezer ingredients to make main meals that are a bit of an experiment. My live-in gardener likes to cook so I'm happy that he's happy in the kitchen as well as in the garden. You have a lovely garden house. How are the bonsais doing? One grandson is a landscape gardener, but like all of us has to stay home, for him no work, also society lock down. He's gardening at home and growing bonsais from seed! (Christmas gift from his brother). It's sad that you couldn't go to India, but like all of us we can pray that when this difficult time is over there'll be opportunities to travel abroad again.