Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Time

At Christmas Time

When Christmas comes I always think

Of friends that I have known,

Whose kindnesses have touched my life

In ways that are their own.

Whose caring and whose loving

Can drive the cold away,

And always bring me happiness

On every Christmas Day.

When Christmas comes I always take

A walk down Memory Lane,

And all the joys I used to know

Still warm my heart again.

And it is times like this I feel

God's blessings through and through,

Not just because it's Christmas,

But because of friends like you!

by Grace E. Easley

Picture taken at a Carriage House near Portland, Oregon


Gwen said...

What a lovely poem. It is now posted in y quote journal. Thanks.

Sandy said...

love the poem! lovely blog (i'm down in so. oregon!) :)