Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Portland Christmas

Portland's Living Room with the official Christmas tree. The city square at Christmas time.
Christmas means music. Each year my husband and I look forward to the Christmas concert at the Old Church. It is hosted by Michael Allen Harrison, a local jazz pianist. There are always very talented children performing. Last evening we ventured through the snow to enjoy the season with music and lights of the city.

We found a downtown park and walked a bit. What a peaceful, beautiful evening.

Christmas in the Park.
The YouTube below is a minute touch of the concert from last year.
Enjoy the season!


Annie said...

Thank you Marilyn, for sharing this lovely walk in the park. I think NEXT Christmas we will try to go north rather than the kids come south.

Storybook Woods said...

Just beautiful. The snows just makes it that much more Christmasy. Clarice

Laurie said...

How beautiful Marilyn, have a wonderful Christmas!
Blessings to you and your family,

jone said...

Oh, I wished we could have gotten into downtown Portland to see the tree and the snow. Lovely photos.