Friday, December 17, 2010

Angels Surround Us

Yesterday I had been "requested" to come to the court house for jury duty.
Sitting there quietly all morning waiting to be called I started thinking about the angels
around us.  At lunch time we were dismissed as most of the trials were settled out of court.
Rarely do I get downtown; so I decided to finish up a bit of Christmas shopping
and enjoy the hustle, bustle of city life.
As I walked along the side walk and saw people in need,
I was reminded of the angels around us.
Nearby a man handed a woman a card with a blessing on it and
with a request for help.  The woman didn't have much, but gave what she had in her pocket.
It reminded me of those that help others all year long in soup kitchens, or donating
to special causes, or praying, or just sitting with someone that needs a hand held.
There are angels all around us.
Take time to notice and send them a note of thanks, plus
find your opportunities to be angels to those you are around.

And because I usually write about tea on Fridays,
maybe someone just needs a listening ear and a cup of tea
to warm their soul.  

Take time to notice what you notice and be present.

PS: The quilt in the previous post is a very old
family quilt, which I am enjoying above my fireplace for the holiday season.  It is too fragile to use, but just to be enjoyed.