Monday, December 27, 2010

JOY for 2010

Each year when a word chooses me I think this word will be easy to pay attention to.
Each year I am surprised by what I learn or struggle through.
I thought JOY would be super easy, but I was wrong.
As you can see in my collage, there is plenty of JOY in my life.
When I started to pay attention to JOY I started
noticing times when I didn't feel so Joyful.
Times of sorrow, sadness, and yep even some depression.
Sometimes it was difficult to rise above it and feel the JOY.
Sometimes others reminded me of my word, JOY, and
I would find superficial ways of creating the JOY.
Sometimes it was turning up the music loud and feeling it in my soul.
There were times when I needed to take an hour out of my day to walk through a garden.
But always that word would sing in my soul and I would remember.
I think JOY is a part of me and will creep into my words here from time to time;
but then that is a part of what Delights my Heart.

I hope you have found JOY this year and that
maybe the word you chose for 2010 has taught you some valuable lessons.

Do you have a new word for 2011?
I do have one, which I will tell you on Friday.
I will be away Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
still finding the JOY in my days.