Friday, December 10, 2010

Chai Treat

 A special "me" treat is a cup of chai.
When I am out and about, I love stopping at the local coffee shop for chai.
Isn't this a beautiful cup of chai?
There are getting to be many companies out there selling there brand of chai.
The first one I discovered was Oregon Chai, made here in Oregon.
The owner was inspired to start the company after traveling to India
and having tea in little throw away ceramic cups on the street.
Dragonfly Chai is one I like because there is a sweet version
and a spicy version.   Love the spicy recipe.
Now I am finding shops that make there own,
that was the case here at a coffee shop called Mix Sweet Shop in Ashland, Oregon.
Do you drink chai?  Have you found a mix that is your favorite?
Right now at Starbucks you can ask for caramel flavoring be added to the chai, now that feels very festive.
I am on a path of discovery, looking for the best cup to savor.
Do tell, what is your favorite?