Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Take a Peek

Welcome, come inside.

Take a peek in the dollhouse.
When Tasha Tudor had young children she created an intricate dollhouse.
The dollhouse I have is not as detailed, but I put it out for the tea to represent what Tasha Tudor once did.
We had Strawberry Shortcake dolls living here, where Tasha had dolls she made
to represent the mid 1800's.  Her dolls had quite a story, the couple that resided there
had a wedding that was included in an old Time Magazine issue.  There was intrigue,
where the wife later lived in the attic and the husband found another woman to live in the house.

This dollhouse was designed by myself and made by my husband for our daughter when she was 3 years old.
It was so much fun to bring it out again and decorate it for Christmas.
So enjoy the peek and dream of living in a miniature house for the holidays.
I will join you for a cup of tea in the kitchen.