Monday, July 11, 2011

Spirit Whispers

For those of you that are new to my blog, today I am resuming
a series called Spirit Whispers.
For me and others I find that we don't take the time to sit quietly
and just listen.  I encourage you each Monday to take that time.
I often run a series for awhile on Monday's and this one sits well with
me for now.  When the time comes for a closure, I usually have a give away.
Today's sharing is the words from a song we sometimes sing at the church that
I attend, but I think the words can touch the heart of you too.
Sit with a cup of tea and a few moments of silence as you read.

Teach Me to Stop and Listen
by Ken Medema

Teach me to stop and listen.
Teach me to center down.
Teach me the use of silence.
Teach me where peace is found.

Teach me to hear your calling.
Teach me to search your word.
Teach me to hear in silence
Things I have never heard.

Teach me to be collected.
Teach me to be in tune.
Teach me to be directed.
Silence will end so soon.

Then when it's time for moving,
Grant it that I may bring
To every day and moment
Peace from a silent spring.


Steph said...

What lovely sentiment in the song. I can only imagine how lovely when it's sung.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful verse and photograph.
Love you
Love all you share

La Tea Dah said...

A beautiful song --- lots to think about there. It is good to have a reminder that we must slow down to find what really matters most.

Love the photo as well --- curious as to where it was taken.

Joy said...

Beautiful, thank you for the inspiration! (I'm a Ken Medema fan anyway)

Angela McRae said...

This is lovely and great for reflection! (Or as we say in the South, "That'll preach!")

Laurie said...

So beautiful Marilyn, and I love Spirit Whispers. I sit in the morning on my swing and listen to the birds, the silence, and my soul. It's the most precious time of the day.

Darlene - The Tea Enthusiast's Scrapbook said...

Hi Marilyn,

Thank you for encouraging us to sit still and listen! I have been studying Proverbs 8 which is all about wisdom, so your word for this week is a perfect fit!

Blessings, Darlene

Kattytrick said...

I've been searching for oh, so long a timefor...?...something. Lost and needing direction, I find myself returning here to your blog. Often, as I read your post. I find that I am crying, and I don't exactly know why. Todays post was one of those that touched me in that way, and yet left me feeling refreshed and at peace. i just wanted to say thank you. Your family and friends are very lucky to know you.___=^..^=___Kittie

Jeanie said...

I don't slow down long enough to do that -- this is a fine reminder to do so.

Roselyn said...

This morning in my alone time with God the tune of these words came into my head. I googled to find the words and stumbled unto your blog. Thank you. I try to wake up every morning to Isaiah 50:4. He wakens my ear to listen as one being taught. My blog is Faith through aging eyes.