Friday, July 1, 2011

Yellow Teacup

So often I see beautiful teacups on blogs I visit.
They often have pink roses or delicate pink flowers.
I say to myself, oh how I would love a pink teacup.
Then I go browsing in the antique mall always keeping my eye out for
the perfect pink teacup.
I don't often buy teacups because how many do I need.
But I would love a perfect, beautiful pink teacup.

Strange though, when I go looking for that pink teacup,
I find the perfect yellow teacup.
Yes, it does have a few pink flowers on it,
but really I would have to say it is a yellow teacup.
So what is a girl to do?
I give up, I think I have a collection of yellow teacups.
I found this one recently at an antique mall in Sebastopol, California.
They have great antique shops, but just no beautiful, perfect pink teacups.


GardenofDaisies (Gayle) said...

Marilyn, it's gorgeous! I would love to have a perfect yellow teacup! My mom has started to collect teacups with yellow primroses on them, so I hope to find something like that.

Rosemary said...

Your newest teacup in your collection is beautiful. The design is quite unlike any I have seen before ~ so unique. I have a nice assortment of yellow teacups and am always happy to set the table in yellows, sometimes blues, mostly pinks.

Melissa said...

A tea cup collections is a good thing no matter what the color. HPS!

Angela McRae said...

Well that may just be the prettiest yellow teacup yet! I LOVE the elegance of the design and how the black really makes it pop.

koralee said...

Love your cup and saucer today. Happy weekend to you! xo

La Tea Dah said...

It is beautiful --- and a pattern I haven't seen before. Your tea will taste delightful from this cup!

Happy 4th to you and yours!

Jeanne said...

Happy 4th of July weekend.
Stay safe and be happy
Love Jeanne

Mary said...

This is a very pretty pattern and I can see you sipping green tea from it perhaps. Hope the perfect pink cup and saucer is waiting in an antique mall somewhere close by!

Happy Independence Day - enjoy your holiday.
Hugs - Mary

Britt-Arnhild said...

What a BEAUTIFUL teacup. A collection of yellow ones......I would LOVE that!

Trixie and Dustin of said...

Maybe one day we can compare sets and swap a few!! I do have a lot with mainly PINK... though I have to agree with the other happy commentators here that your YELLOW set is lovely. What's a gal to do, indeed ;-) xo from T&D

Tracy said...

Oh, this is a very pretty cup, Marilyn! It has a very pleasing graphic feel--I like the "balance" of the black and the pastel tones. Very elegant! I used to have a huge tea cup collection (love of pink among the cups ;o), but had to downsize when I moved abroad. I still have a few favorites though, and use them a lot. Just nothing so lovely an experience as one's favorite tea drunk from a fine, china cup... Happy Week! And Happy 4th! :o) ((HUGS))

Darlene - The Tea Enthusiast's Scrapbook said...

Hi Marilyn,

You are so right about the perfect pink teacup! I'm always attracted to pink teacups and have so many in my collection.

I love the yellow teacup! It has lots of character and a dainty pattern.

You have inspired me to think out of the "pink box". LOL!

Happy 4th of July,


Adrienne said...

It's beautiful!

Jeanie said...

Yellow is cheery to the max, so celebrate! (And I'll keep my eye out for pink ones!)