Friday, July 1, 2011

Yellow Teacup

So often I see beautiful teacups on blogs I visit.
They often have pink roses or delicate pink flowers.
I say to myself, oh how I would love a pink teacup.
Then I go browsing in the antique mall always keeping my eye out for
the perfect pink teacup.
I don't often buy teacups because how many do I need.
But I would love a perfect, beautiful pink teacup.

Strange though, when I go looking for that pink teacup,
I find the perfect yellow teacup.
Yes, it does have a few pink flowers on it,
but really I would have to say it is a yellow teacup.
So what is a girl to do?
I give up, I think I have a collection of yellow teacups.
I found this one recently at an antique mall in Sebastopol, California.
They have great antique shops, but just no beautiful, perfect pink teacups.