Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Waters Flowing

Saturday some time was spent walking where the waters flowed.
A gorgeous Silver Falls State Park in Oregon.
The park said it had 10 falls, but we spotted only three.
Can you see this one?

This was the most peaceful one we visited, as fewer guests came here.
Though not dramatic as the others or as high, it was beautiful.
Sitting by the falls we were able to share in a cup of tea.
Opportunities like this need to be included in your plans.
They definitely bring refreshment of spirit and soul.
What plans do you have this summer for refreshing your spirit and soul?


GardenofDaisies (Gayle) said...

What a beautiful park! I have not been to that one, but And I'n not quite sure how that happened, as we have been down to that area many times to visit family. (My Moms pioneer ancestors settled in that general area and lived there for several generations.)

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I do this guided meditation that takes you through the woods and leads you through this path to a waterfall...and it just astounds me that the picture I had in my mind in the very same image as the last picture! It's the place!

What a park, and what joy to have tea in this beautiful setting!

This pictures refresh my spirit!

Christina said...

oh this is refreshing.
my word verification... shambala. ; )

Ginger said...

Beautiful pictures!

Angela McRae said...

I cannot even imagine the joy of taking tea by a waterfall! Heavenly!

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Breathtaking...thanks for sharing! Your part of the world is so interesting!! Donna