Thursday, July 21, 2011

Unique Teapots

Can you spot the teapots in each picture?
The bottom right picture I found to be the most whimsical.
Teapots are utilitarian, but at the same time art.
The artist is Dennis Meiners.
You also see a peak of a painting on the bottom left,
the painting is by his wife, Leslie Lee.
They are both very talented artists.

Oh in the middle of the night I had such clever things to say here.
Now with the morning light my mind has left me.
Just enjoy these gorgeous teapots.
Can you imagine pouring tea from them?
I think I would just want to enjoy their beauty.


Antiques And Teacups said...

Those are wonderfully creative. How fun! Thanks for sharing!

Laurie said...

I love tea pots, and these are so unique! I also enjoy the painting, they really are talented!

La Tea Dah said...

They are lovely! What talented artists! How special that you were able to see them "in person"!

koralee said...

These are amazing!!!!! xoxo

Steph said...


Annie said...

I especially like the bird teapot, Marilyn . . . of course.

Tracy said...

What wondrous works of art those tea pots!! It's like each tops tells its own story. I love discovering art in the functional too. This was fun to see! Thanks, Marilyn. Off to find links to these talented artists. Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Very pretty, and unique teapots.

I know what you mean about thinking of clever things to say (during the night!) I try to remember to get up and write them down, so I won't forget!


Mary said...

Amazing creations - I think my favorite is the one with the bird, bottom left.

Mary X

Angela McRae said...

Love seeing such artistic teapots!