Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trust and that Pink Nose

What is it about pink noses that touches my heart?
This sweet cow just looked at me and my heart melted.
Yesterday I read the blog emma tree here.
She was talking about trust.
Her story of living in a small community reminded me of a time
so long ago of another small community in the midwest.
Living in Kansas was like her story.
Often doors were not locked on homes and cars.
I took my gallon jars to the dairy and bought milk
that came directly from the cow to a refrigerated vat.
I turned on the spigot and filled my jars,
left my money in a jar, and wrote in the book how much I took and my name.
I would make our butter from the cream and we drank whole milk
daily.  Oh was it good.
Thank you dear cows for the milk you so generously share with us.
Do you live in a community that still has trust?

Picture taken on a country road somewhere in the south of France.