Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tea for Me

Do you ever need a day away, all by yourself?
Yesterday was that day for me; so I ventured out for afternoon tea
at LaTeaDa in Tillamook, Oregon.
They gave me the perfect teacup yellow flowers of course, which started things out just right.
First course was a delicious pineapple passion fruit sorbet.
Do you think I can eat all that?
Oh my goodness, it was almost to beautiful to eat.
Really, I didn't eat dessert first, but doesn't it look yummy?
There was a lemon bar, chocolate cheesecake with a cherry on top,
strawberry rhubarb pudding, and banana cake.
The sandwiches and savories were so good.  I almost had eaten the ribbon
sandwich when I realized I needed to take a picture.
There was a sausage roll that was like a sweet sticky bun and oh so good.
Chicken curry had dried cranberries and hazelnuts on a delicious homemade bun.
Carmelized onions and a light cheese were on a poppy seed bread and rolled in nuts.
Pear and havarti cheese on raisen bread.
And finally a stacked sandwich of egg salad and bacon/lettuce/tomato.
Yes, I ate every bite and everything was delicious.
There were two large scones, a cheese and a cinnamon chip.
I brought those home and will eat them this morning with my tea.
This was the chocolate cheese cake.
Isn't it pretty?  I did bring some of the desserts home too.

While I was sitting with my tea a friend walked in with her granddaughter.
I wish I could show you her granddaughter dressed in her sparkly Dorothy outfit
with red shoes, but I forgot to ask for permission to show her here.
I just loved the presentation of her food too.
She had two peanut butter and jelly stacked sandwiches and a heart cheese sandwich,
then a cupcake with a honey bee on top. 
Double click on the pictures for a closer look. 

The tea was perfect and was definitely a special treat just for me.