Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Kansas Garden

While visiting Kansas I had many moments in this garden.
What pure delight to see the passion of this gardener friend
and know what pleasure it brings to her and those that visit there.
There was so much to see, I am sure we will have to visit again
even if only through the pictures I took.  There were the largest
bumble bees, moths that looked like miniature hummingbirds, and
many varieties of bird.  Tomorrow I will share a few of the birds seen there.
This gardener friend loves iris's and they made quite a show here.
I highly recommend seeking out gardens when traveling.
The visit is sure to rest your soul and your weary traveling body.


Kate said...

What a beautiful garden! I especially like the white iris!

S. Etole said...

The white iris against the field of white daisies is enchanting.

Karen's Place said...


Rosemary said...

Beautiful! So delightful! My mother grew rows and rows of iris in her garden in NJ. Thanks for invoking a wonderful memory!

Relyn said...

Kansas is close, so close. I am a little sad, I tell you.

Jeanie said...

Marilyn, what do you use for the great mosaics? These photos are fabulous and I love the idea of showing a lot -- gorgeous flowers; how you must have smiled!

Mary said...

Certainly doesn't look a bit like the Kansas prairie one imagines! Beautiful garden and I always love iris in bloom.

Thanks for sharing the beauty dear.

Mary X