Monday, May 14, 2012

Views from the Road

 Driving down I-80 through Iowa a sign along the road announced
Amana Colonies.  Yes, I had been there before 38 years ago.
How fun to have the opportunity to visit the villages again.
 There have been opportunities to visit dear old friends
along the way.  This view is from the deck of a friend's
home.  Again it had been a very long time and was a dear visit in Iowa.
 Then checking the GPS we noticed a Danish community
up ahead.  Yes, we had time to stop for a visit to their museum,
windmill, and lunch in Elk Horn, Iowa.
 Then with a stop in Omaha, Nebraska there was time
to walk across this bridge between Iowa and Nebraska
over the Missouri River.  A lovely visit with my cousin
was very special here.
Several days have been spent in Kansas visiting dear friends,
my husbands 95 year old aunt, and walking through several
gorgeous gardens.
More about our stay in Kansas will come in future posts.
Now we have stopped in Colorado and are looking forward
to special visits and sights.