Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Make a Card - Recycle

Most years I make my Christmas cards.
Two years ago I saved the sleeves from all the chai I bought at a local beverage shop
and also saved the cards I received the year before.
Then where you see the large heart I used the
cards from previous years to punch a heart from their cards
and affix it to the opening of my card with the recycled sleeves.
When the card was opened at the seam
I wrote this message:
May your holidays be wrapped in the warmth of the season!
Any message from you would be welcome.

It's a simple, sort of silly idea; but I loved the idea of recycling to make my cards.
Do you make your cards?
I have received some beautiful homemade cards over the years,
but I tend to keep it simple and when possible recycle.
Enjoy this simple idea and let me know if you use it someday.