Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Make a Card - Recycle

Most years I make my Christmas cards.
Two years ago I saved the sleeves from all the chai I bought at a local beverage shop
and also saved the cards I received the year before.
Then where you see the large heart I used the
cards from previous years to punch a heart from their cards
and affix it to the opening of my card with the recycled sleeves.
When the card was opened at the seam
I wrote this message:
May your holidays be wrapped in the warmth of the season!
Any message from you would be welcome.

It's a simple, sort of silly idea; but I loved the idea of recycling to make my cards.
Do you make your cards?
I have received some beautiful homemade cards over the years,
but I tend to keep it simple and when possible recycle.
Enjoy this simple idea and let me know if you use it someday.


GardenofDaisies said...

Marilyn, this is a very sweet idea. I especially love your idea to punch out the hearts from the previous years cards.

Steph said...

I love to make cards! Very creative idea with the recycled cup insulation.

La Tea Dah said...

I love this idea!

I think I may convert it to create a favor/decorations for an upcoming baby shower. I have been planning a tea bar (with paper cups and sleeve holders) and this would meld well with that idea.

Yours are beautiful!

Mary said...

I just love what you did here Marilyn - homemade are definitely the best cards. I used to make special ones but unfortunately don't have time at present.

Thanks for all the recent comments while I was away - life is hectic and I just haven't been able to keep up with everyone, forgiveness requested.

Hugs - Mary

koralee said...

Love this idea and the fact that you are so creative...recycle and reuse is the BEST!

Britt-Arnhild said...

I remember you told me about these cards. Thanks for showing, they are beautiful.
I used to make my own cards......for many years. You have inspired me, may be I´ll do it again :-)

Jeanne said...

What a sweet idea indeed.
Much love and many blessings
Love Jeanne

Joy said...

What a neat idea. I love to make cards and to recycle, so I like the idea of recycling the sleeves from the chai packages! So clever.

Linda said...

That is a lovely idea! I have my pile of old cards ready for the grandchildren to use, but with my eyesight problems I could use this simple idea myself this year. (I usually buy card from a craft shop and use a wooden stamp of candles and holly etc. which I fill in with coloured, gold and silver pens and personalize each one with a suitable Christmas message).

Tracy said...

What a pretty idea! I love making cards. And I usually add recycled elements to them. I save cards and other paper things and recycle them into cards and mixed media art. Part of the fun is the saving to use for later. ;o) Thank you for sharing your ideas, Marilyn. Happy Day ((HUGS))

relevanttealeaf said...

How creative and resourceful! Love the idea!

Jeanie said...

I always WANT to make my cards (and sometimes do some photo ones). But it seems like by the time I get geeked up to do it, it's too late to send them. I'm contemplating New Year's Cards this year. Buys time!

somepinkflowers said...

{{ love this
*sweet* little
idea }}

Annie said...

Sweet. No Starbucks recycles this year, I see. That card is one of my favorites and I have it tucked away with my keepers.

Relyn Lawson said...