Thursday, November 15, 2012

Old Tea

Do you have tea sitting on your shelf that has been there for years?
Yes, you!  I know there is some there.
I have some too.
Are you asking yourself if it is still good?

Well in some cases, yes it is good and in some no.
Flavored teas have a shelf life of about a year.
Light oolongs should be enjoyed most often within a year.
My recommendation is to taste before you toss.
Then if it isn't good, toss it in the garden.
It is great for the soil.

When I first started getting into tea a friend recommended puer teas
to help lower my cholesterol.  Puer teas can be an acquired taste,
but I adjusted and began drinking it.  I did think there was only one kind of puer,
but have since learned there are varieties of even puer teas.
One thing that I like about puer is that it is aged and can improve
even as it gets older.  At the NW Tea Festival this year I had the opportunity
to taste some special puer teas with Jeffrey McIntosh.
They were quite delightful and I ended up coming home with a disk of a special
puer, which is now aging longer in my cupboard.

I love that there are teas aging in my cupboard and it is OK.
In the meantime I will be drinking up my flavored teas and my oolongs and enjoying.
What are you enjoying today?


Jeanie said...

I've wondered that. Everyone gives me tea and I buy tea, too. Eventually you look and wonder how good it is. Glad you mentioned the garden. Mine often ends up dyeing lace or paper!

Karen's Place said...

It was cooler and a bit damp, actually sweater weather. My tea of choice today was Twining Pumpkin Chai. Thanks for the update about how long teas are good.

Britt-Arnhild said...

I am enjoying a mug of green tea here in "my" Indian kitchen :-)

Linda said...

I have my special teas stored in air-tight tins. However, there's one tea I don't use quite so often, which was a gift i.e. Earl Grey from the Dilmah Company. (The tea is stored in a little tin inside another tin)!

Tracy said...

The puer teas are new to me, and they are an acquired taste! I've had some dark, deep blend teas taste great a little over a year. But I notice green teas are best within/less than a year. Sometimes I add loose leaf tea to simple whole spice potpourri. Depending on the tea, it might be "off the date" but still smells great! :o) I love tea. It's been a full, sometimes stressful week, so I'm mellowing with a cup of chamomile at the moment. Happy Weekend, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Annie said...

I have tea that is years and years old. I haven't had the heart to toss it and now I won't. Into the garden it will all go. Thanks!

Storybook Woods said...

Wow, I have never heard of Puer tea. I will have to check it out. By the way Poulsbo has a new tea shop. Mostly flavored, dessert teas but they are blending it themselves. Some interesting stuff!! Clarice