Thursday, November 15, 2012

Old Tea

Do you have tea sitting on your shelf that has been there for years?
Yes, you!  I know there is some there.
I have some too.
Are you asking yourself if it is still good?

Well in some cases, yes it is good and in some no.
Flavored teas have a shelf life of about a year.
Light oolongs should be enjoyed most often within a year.
My recommendation is to taste before you toss.
Then if it isn't good, toss it in the garden.
It is great for the soil.

When I first started getting into tea a friend recommended puer teas
to help lower my cholesterol.  Puer teas can be an acquired taste,
but I adjusted and began drinking it.  I did think there was only one kind of puer,
but have since learned there are varieties of even puer teas.
One thing that I like about puer is that it is aged and can improve
even as it gets older.  At the NW Tea Festival this year I had the opportunity
to taste some special puer teas with Jeffrey McIntosh.
They were quite delightful and I ended up coming home with a disk of a special
puer, which is now aging longer in my cupboard.

I love that there are teas aging in my cupboard and it is OK.
In the meantime I will be drinking up my flavored teas and my oolongs and enjoying.
What are you enjoying today?