Thursday, April 18, 2013

Graffiti - Words

Graffiti doesn't always make an appearance in beautiful places,
but sometimes the message is still from the heart.

My word for the year appeared on the bridge I was crossing.

A good word to hold onto when walking through difficult times.

Yes, LOVE is at the top of the list.
Supporting each other with LOVE is sometimes all we can do.
It can make our heart sing.

Trust enough to Shine each day.
Words presented to me all in one day.
 Do you find words just jumping up before you?
Do you notice what they say?
Take heart and know that you are LOVED.


La Tea Dah said...


How fun and inspiring to find them in unusual places. Gentle reminders as you go throughout your day.

Laurie said...

I always find the unexpected to be little messages from God. Like these! Love it Marilyn!

Jeanie said...

I believe that words that jump out at you are messages just for you. Maybe the words you present to us are messages just for us -- however we interpret them.

Tracy said...

This was WONDERFUL! I love "positive" graffiti like that! I like what Jeanie said, that these words found you. I think a lot of graffiti and street art can be like that. I've often had the experience of words presenting themselves to me, which make me pause and consider, sometimes stop and pray. I love words, messages! :o) Happy Weekend, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Linda said...

Words in unusual places do stand out. Yesterday I saw a poem on the side of a tower block in our city. (There are words written by local poets in many places in our city that I'm photographing and archiving).

Mary said...

Great words............I love all written words wherever they're displayed, books, letters, signs, documents.....and even on rusty bridgework (must have been spotted during your recent walk!).

Happy day dear - still so busy, off to a doc appt. this morning, but will try to catch up this weekend!

Hugs - Mary

somepinkflowers said...


out at me
mostly i look
at how the letters are shaped
the colors used
creative spellings ...

isn't life grand
how things come to us
as a surprise
if we look

SEE ...

Steph said...

I actually like graffiti - when it's in places that doesn't deface buildings and public spaces. There is so much artistry in much of it.

Annie said...

I adore that first picture. Brown transferware, a yellow birdie, an old clock and milk bottle caps. Memories and favorites all grouped together for my admiring eyes.