Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Saturday's Walk

Saturday I joined others to walk for a cure for MS.
We met in Portland, Oregon's living room in the center of town.
Pioneer Place is a gathering place.

There were drums to guide us along.

Two bridges to cross.
Yes, there are bridges yet to cross for a cure,
but I believe it can be done.

Me dressed in my "cuteness".
My daughter said to dress "cute" and a mother does
what a daughter asks?!  
After all our team was called the Cutopia Crusaders.
I felt like a stuffed sausage with my warm coat under a tee shirt.
There was a chance of rain, but the rain waited until the walk was done.

What do you think?
This I passed along the way.
A graffiti to think on.

Hooray!  We made it, 5k walking.
Time to celebrate.
My prayer is for healing of auto-immune diseases.
I BELIEVE a cure is coming.

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La Tea Dah said...

You look adorable in your tutu! Cuteness it is!!!!

I enjoyed "the walk" --- it looked well organized and like a happy crowd.

The writer on the wall --- has not yet learned the secret to happiness and joy. Sad.

Jeanie said...

You GO, girl! You look cute indeed and boy, do I admire and appreciate your commitment. Your wish is mine.

Karen's Place said...

Yes, differently cuteness. Thank you for walking for autoimmune deceases. The "writing on the wall" maybe writing it was part of letting go of the negative. Hope so. Anyway what a great happy crowd. Love see the pictures and your post.

beth said...

you look adorable and i'm so proud of you for walking....xo

Gail said...

Hi - and you look SO cute for a great cause. Wow!
Love Gail

Rosemary said...

Good job! May your prayers be answered.

Steph said...

I love your cuteness!

Annie said...

Krista did a 5K recently and some of her friends showed up in tutu's as well. Fun day.