Friday, April 5, 2013

Small Pocket of Treasures

Sea glass, rocks, and shells
Treasures from the sea
Blessed by morning light
Tucked inside my pocket
Oh yes, I love the sweet surprises
Found simply at my feet

Are you noticing today those little surprises?
Do you see them simply at your feet?
Or are you looking up at the glory of the sun?

Wherever you walk simply look, take it in, and savor
the beauty of your day.

Happy weekend dear friends!
The treasures here were found recently when I walked on the beach.


La Tea Dah said...

Such beautiful little treasures --- sweet findings from the sea. Buffed to perfection by rolling waves and the gentle sandpaper of --- sand!

Your photo expresses texture so well --- smooth yet hard rocks; the nubby roughness of a reed mat; and the soft gentleness of a tote.


Rosemary said...

Lovely treasures!

Karen's Place said...

nature is so magical

Jeanie said...

My little surprise is that for an extremely stressed period at work, no one is acting overly crazy. This is a plus!

Not as pretty as your shells; perhaps more welcome to me!

Laurie said...

What pretty treasures! It's supposed to be sunny this week-end, I'll need to do some walking! Have a great week-end yourself Marilyn.

paris parfait said...

I love finding unexpected treasures when taking a walk - and on a beach walk, especially! Lucky you!

Relyn Lawson said...

Sloane does. She notices everything. We can hardly come home from a short walk without a windowsill's worth of treasures. I love that about her.

koralee said...

One of my favourite things to do is fill my pockets during a walk in the woods. xoxo Happy weekend to you...right now I am sipping a tea called read my lips...yum...filled with peppermint and chocolate and yes it is a black tea.xoxo

Linda said...

There are treasures all around us. Yours are a lovely variety of tactile objects. Hope you enjoy mine, especially the butter-coloured flower of the lesser celandine plant nestling in the grass and mirroring the sunshine (on my latest post). Delighting and uplifting one's spirit.

Britt-Arnhild said...

I love small treasures like this. Some time ago one of Jane´s friends, whom we met at the garden party, sent me a bottle with tiny little treasures she had gathered for me :-)

Tracy said...

Treasures from the beach are some of my favorite things! I have have a little collection of found lovelies from favorite beaches and places we've been--pocket-sized memories but they strike the heart big. :o) Happy Week, Marilyn ((HUGS))