Friday, April 12, 2013

Making This World a Better Place

 Sleeping in the Forest

I thought the earth
remembered me, she
took me back so tenderly, arranging
her dark skirts, her pockets
full of lichens and seeds, I slept
as never before, a stone
on the riverbed, nothing
between me and the white fire of the stars
but my thoughts, and they floated
light as moths among the branches
of the perfect trees.  All night
I heard the small kingdoms breathing
around me, the insects, and the birds
who do their work in the darkness.  All night
I rose and fell, as if in water, grappling
with a luminous doom.  By morning
I had vanished at least a dozen times
into something better.
by Mary Oliver

And in my waking hours I learned to believe
there was healing in the world.
There is the possibility of peace.
The healing of diseases such as cancer and MS.
In my heart I must believe and make the world a better place.
So this weekend I will be walking for MS and supporting my daughter in her healing.

Thanks for making this a better place, dear friends!
Happy weekend!


La Tea Dah said...

A thoughtful and beautiful poem...
May the walking experience be healing in itself.

Laurie said...

How beautiful is this post Marilyn. I read over the poem, taking in every line. Have a wonderful walk, and prayers and blessings go out for your daughter.

relevanttealeaf said...

Blessings to you and all those who walk with you on the MS walk. My sister-in-law has MS, and as the disease progresses it makes her life challenging. Prayers for everyone afflicted with the disease as well as a cure.

beth said...

and the happiest of weekends to you, too !!

Karen's Place said...

Will be sending you positive and loving thoughts as you walk tomorrow for those with autoimmune diseases. For those who can't walk. I hope you find strength in the numbers of good people that care at the walk. Let's pray they find a cure to stop the progress of these cruel AI diseases like MS and Lupus in our lifetime.

GardenofDaisies said...

A beautiful way to show support and raise funds at the same time. My wonderful neighbor works for MS- she gets corporate donations and coordinates walks, etc... So I know you've got caring people doing all they can to help find a cure.

Gail said...

Oh Marilyn - such beautiful words that brought tears to my eyes.ALl the MS walks are going on this weekend country-wide I expect, certainly all around Connecticut. I am unable to do a walk. Your heart is felt by me and my prayers and thoughts and well-wishes are being sent for your daughter.
Love to you

Jeanie said...

Wow -- I didn't know your daughter was contending with MS. I hope your walk brings many dollars for the research that will help find a cure. I know you'll walk the best.

This is a gorgeous image!

Joy said...

Beautiful image! May a cure be found soon.

Laurie said...

Hello again Marilyn, what Mary Oliver book was this poem from?

Suvarna said...

Hi Marilyn,
What a beautiful post! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope your walk goes well and i hope your dreams are realized.
Suvarna (AuntBetty's)

Suvarna said...

Hi Marilyn,
What a beautiful post! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope your walk goes well and i hope your dreams are realized.
Suvarna (AuntBetty's)

Mark said...

Beautiful post. You will be making the world a better place, 1 step at a time. Good for you.

Marilyn said...

It came from "New and Selected Poems" Volume One.

Steph said...

Lovely and thinking of you. April is also National Poetry month.

paris parfait said...

Marilyn, what a beautiful poem and post! My heart goes out to you and your daughter and all those who are fighting such battles. x

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh, I love Mary Oliver. And I love you. And I am praying for your daughter.

Tracy said...

This was exquisitely beautiful, Marilyn... LOVE the image, Mary Olive and your good deed for the weekend & your daughter. *PRAYERS* I like to believe our acts, no matter how small, are for the greater good of all. We are all here to take care of & support each other. :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))

Mary said...

Marilyn, the poems by Mary Oliver always strike a chord, she really writes amazing words.

Thank you for walking for MS - I know your support helped many fighting this disease and was so appreciated. My cousin's daughter has suffered for so long, but will be celebrating birthday 49 next week, and a real celebration it will be!

Thinking of you and your family - Mary X