Thursday, August 22, 2013

Laugh and Play

When I was a child this would have been me, rolling down a hill
 and running barefoot through the apple orchard.
Last week I visited the historic orchard on Sauvie Island,
the one I shared with you in the Spring.
Now it was heavy with apples and pears to pick.
There were children playing there.
There were those grown-ups playing too with their buckets for picking.
I played by walking through the orchard and admiring the fruit with my camera.
It does my heart good to get out and play in the orchard.
It returns my heart to that of my childhood.

I do hope you find time to laugh and play.
What would it be?


Lorrie said...

I recapture some of that childhood fun when I play with my granddaughters, ages 1 and 2.5. The older one asks, "Can you walk like a crab, Nana?" and surprisingly, I still can. Then we giggle. The younger one is at the stage of loving to be chased, so I do. Then we giggle.
Taking time to play is great fun. Thanks for this thoughtful post.

Rosemary said...

Love that photo of the kids rolling down the hill... brought back good childhood memories!

Tessa said...

What a delightful photo mosaic. I can almost smell the delicious fruit aromas.

Mmmmmm, what would be laugh-and- play-time? Well, I do a lot of laughing at the antics of our youngest "Grand-boy." (3) So watching him, playing in his back yard... Could fit the bill.

And it's handy, since his back yard is right next to our back yard. :-)


Jeanie said...

I'll find it soon -- and play at the art table!

Laurie said...

We had apple trees in our yard when we were growing up Marilyn, and spent many an hour in it's branches, eating green apples and salt. I'd climb up just to sit in the shade and relax. I miss those days.

Tracy said...

Rolling down a hill... Oh, that takes me back! Keeping that playfulness of child-like heart alive in us adults--we need more of that. We need to roll down hills more! ;o) Happy Weekend, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Mark said...

Rolling down a hill....we should all do that more often. Great post. Fun.

Angela McRae said...

My parents have lots of apple trees, but I must say I've never had the pleasure of picking a fresh pear like the gorgeous ones you show here. Delightful!