Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Love Vintage Apparel


As a little girl I loved, loved, loved dressing up in my mother's wedding dress.
I loved the bias cut, the little tiny buttons, and the cut of the neck.
I think I must have always had a fascination with vintage apparel.
Then when I was 40 I went back to school and received a degree in fashion design.
One of my school projects was historic fashion and I chose my favorite era, the 1920's children's.
My mother was a child in the 1920's and I looked at pictures of her as a child and just
fell more and more in love with the relaxed fit, the bias cuts, and the small details of the 1920's.

The pictures are my children's vintage collection hanging on the vintage rounder in my living room.
Some of the clothes are from the 1920's and some are from the 1930's and 1940's, which
I also enjoy.

Do you love apparel?
Is there a particular era that touches your heart?


Jeanie said...

I never knew you were in fashion design! I love children's clothes -- they're so darned cute! As for apparel, I like it better on others than on me. How fun to have been in the 20s-30s (the deco, Harlow, Ginger Rogers period!). Never could have worn it, but I sure do like it!

Angela McRae said...

Oh wow, I love this post! And yes, I'm partial to women's fashions of the forties. Something about the femininity of that era greatly appeals to me -- it's like the women were showing off just because they were women, and I like that!

Ginger said...

As a sew-ist I love clothing. I have a box of vintage patterns and late 40's-early 60's are my favorite.
I knew you were a designer but I did not know you went back to school in your 40s. You give me hope for a new career after my kids are in school. Thanks!

La Tea Dah said...

Very special --- I love your collection and you have displayed them beautifully.

Tracy said...

Oh, yes, I love clothing... and lately having a go again at trying to create some after many years break with that. I've not make period-style clothing before though. I like the styles of the late Victorian/Edwardian period, as well as the 1920's. I'd like to try my hand at a Flapper style evening dress... and have an occasion to wear it too!;o) LOVELY, lovey clothing samples you have in your collection, Marilyn. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Adrienne said...

I love vintage clothing, too. The children's clothing is a favorite - I had quite a few pieces in my collection. I'm always drawn to more when I see them for sale!

Mary said...

Love, love clothes and fabrics. Bias cuts are flattering and in the Roaring Twenties they certainly made beautiful dresses like that. Even satin slips were bias cut - sometimes see them in old movies. With my mum, the dressmaker, I was so fortunate to have my own seamstress as a child - she made me awesome clothes - then she continued when I moved to the US, and we mailed fabric and finished items back and forth across the pond. Those were the days!

You have a lovely collection Marilyn - I was looking in the window of a childrens' shop last week - what delightful clothes and what ridiculous prices!!

Mary X