Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tasting Tea

Tasting Tea

Fetch my own spring water,
Fragrant with fallen flowers,
Set up a fire in a marble stove
Try out my new tea,
Lying under the green shades in a tranquil garden,
Listening to the bees
Reporting their latest harvest.
~Sung Dynasty poet Tai Bing,translated by Martin Tai (1998)

 Last week I received a small package of tea from Darjeeling, India. 
 I am thoroughly enjoying Puttabong Moon Drops, First Flush 2013.  
Don't you just love the idea of drinking moon drops?
I couldn't resist that name and I am glad I didn't.
Delicious! from Thunderbolt Tea, which can be found here.

Are you drinking a tea that makes your heart happy? 
Does it have a name that makes you smile? 


La Tea Dah said...

Moon Drops --- what a delightful sounding tea! And I love your photo, as it is so inviting and goes so well with your verse.

Jeanie said...

This looks so peaceful and beautiful. I love the name "Moon Drops." It's a perfect name -- for lots of things! Great match with the Tai Bing quote.

I don't think I've ever had a tea with that nice a name!

Tessa said...

Moon Drops! What a beautiful name for a tea!

Sadly I have never learned to love tea. But one named Moon Drops... How could I not love it?

Actually I've never had well brewed REAL tea, so that is probably the reason, I've never learned to appreciate it.

Maybe... Someday....


Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Beautiful! I can just imagine being there with you.

Steph said...

I was drinking some first flush today too - a year old but wonderful. I was probably inspired by you.

paris parfait said...

Such a delightful scene - and moon drops! I agree, who could resist??!!

Tracy said...

Drinking moon drops... oh, yes, I love that idea! And LOVE that beautiful tea set picture! Today I'm drinking a simple green tea, but it's special as it was sent to me by a blog-friend in the Netherlands who knows I'm crazy for tea. :o) Happy Weekend, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Mary said...

I went to Thunderbolt to read more about it - wow I realize I know so little about tea when I read about it in depth! The names alone are awesome Marilyn - I think your choice must be wonderful - can I come back to taste pretty please?

Love and hugs - Mary

Angela McRae said...

Now, drinking "moon drops" does sound like a lovely thing, and you are just the one to do it!