Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Open House


Open house for a new hotel in my neighborhood.
Now it isn't an ordinary hotel, as you can see.
It is a cluster of tiny houses, Caravan, the tiny house hotel.
It's the first of it's kind and so far people are loving it.
There are only three in the cluster with a fourth on it's way.
If anyone was interested in living in a tiny house,
this would be the way to test it out.
Could you live in a tiny house?
Though the concept is intriguing to me,
I am not sure I could live this way on a regular bases.
They were fun to see.


Tessa said...

Ahhhhh, these really tiny houses. They are soooooo intriguing. I love looking at pics of them. It would be wonderful to actually be able to step inside one.

But could I really, really, really be happy in one? I kind of doubt it.

I do dream of living in a just-perfect-size-for-us-cottage. (Rather than our 2 story family home...) But these.... Betcha' they would feel just tooooooo close and tiny. :-)

I still love to look at pics of them!


Sylvia said...

They are very pretty and well done but....NO I don't think I could live in one everday.

Mary said...

I'm already living in a small house, tiny just wouldn't work with all this stuff.......which we, as I type, are working on getting rid of asap!

Great concept though - for a short stay, and for young people on the move who will kip down just about anywhere, LOL!

Love, Mary

Adrienne said...

They are cute and it would be an adventure but I don't think I could live in a tiny house for long. I may be wrong about that. Think I would miss my piano!

Jeanie said...

No way I could live in a tiny house -- but it would be fun to stay in one!

La Tea Dah said...

I love tiny houses and always send pictures of them to my kids whenever I see one I really like. Today --- I will email them a link to this post! What a fun opportunity for you, Marilyn! I enjoyed your post very much!

Lorrie said...

Cute concept for a hotel. I like the idea of tiny houses, but then I think - where would I sew and store my sewing supplies? What about my books? So I'm content with a smallish house with room for guests.

Steph said...


Tracy said...

Oh, but I LOVE those tiny houses! I actually would love to have a go living in one. I think I could do it. I find that we are happy with much less. I read few minimal living blogs that really inspire. We've downsized a lot the past 1-2 yrs, but could do more. We have way too much "stuff" for just two people. Our creative pursuits take up a lot of space. ;o) This was fun to see, Marilyn! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Angela McRae said...

Oh, one of these would be perfect for my writing cottage! I suppose it could get old if you lived there on a full-time basis ... but I'd love the opportunity to check it out!