Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tasha Tudor's Birthday

Today is the day many bloggers honor Tasha Tudor's memory.
It is a birthday celebration.
There is a giveaway there.

I was so honored to have met Tasha right before her 90th birthday.
It was a thrill for me as I had long appreciated her
lifestyle and her handiwork as a children's book illustrator,
a cook, a gardener, and talent for making beautiful things.
In my mind I can picture her writing the small notes to her children, the wren posts,
the puppet shows, walking through forget-me-knots, and painting at her
kitchen table with models of small animals and birds.
If you don't know about Tasha Tudor for sure explore and you will be captivated.
She was definitely a "Strong Woman" and one I admired.

The photo was taken from a book and not my own.


Storybook Woods said...

Happy Tasha Tudor day. You lucky girl to have meet Tasha. Something I am sure you will always remember. Clarice

Melissa Bishop said...

Thank you for the reminder. Love her!

Angela McRae said...

I think I'll go look up some Tasha Tudor writings and images now! Like you, I admired her work and her lifestyle, which I largely came to know through Victoria magazine. Happy Birthday, Tasha, and how incredible that you were actually able to meet her!

Bernideen said...

I am sure she influenced my love for foxgloves! And gardening in general!

Annie said...

She was a remarkable and unique woman; a true American original.

Jeanie said...

You MET her? How cool is that? I've always admired her and her work. Happy day for you! For us all!

paris parfait said...

How wonderful that you got to meet her! She had an influence on many of our lives, through her beautiful illustrations, strong creativity and her sunny attitude.

Rosemary said...

How fortunate we were to stroll that New England country path to her gardens and have the chance to meet Tasha Tudor. What a beautiful experience!

Relyn Lawson said...

How marvelous to have met her. I remember first reading about her in Victoria magazine back in the good old days under Nancy Lindemeyer. What a fascinating woman.

Mary said...

She was a very special lady - just as ladies used to be, and before we were named 'gals'!!!!!

I recall you told me you had met her.