Thursday, August 29, 2013


Light can shine with an intensity that almost blinds.
It can sing to your heart.
It can focus on one thing such as this teapot up above sitting in the light.
It can shine in the night from the moon and the stars.
Or it can shine in the faces of a fresh blossomed flower.

This morning I sit in the quiet of the early hours while
flashes of light surround me.
A thunder storm, so rare and yet so amazing, is sprinkling from above.
The coolness of the morning hour delights my heart.
The light will come again and SHINE.

What is shining for you today?


Tessa said...

Good news, of/from some blogging friends... This is shining, for me, today.

Thank you for asking.


Tracy said...

Oh, this has such a lot of HAPPY, Marilyn! My extra shine today is my hubby TJ. It's been a tough week, and glad it's the weekend now and we can enjoy. Happy Day ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

Well, this shines! Rick is riding up here to the lake today, and that shines! Lizzie is acting reasonably unneurotic and that shines, too! I did art yesterday and will today -- very shiny! Happy day to you! And weekend, too.. I'll check in on Monday or Tuesday!

Angela McRae said...

The sun is actually shining again here in Georgia following an excruciatingly rainy summer, I am pleased to report!

La Tea Dah said...

Shine is a word that always makes me think of you! No matter what the day or how much the gloom starts to creep in, you remind me to always look for the joy, delight, and the shining in life!

paris parfait said...

So lovely! The sun has been shining in the Netherlands, for an entire week!

Mary said...

We had a gigantic storm last evening - I was thankful to be home as the power kept blinking on and off and I had to run around pulling the plugs on the computers!
Deluge of rain - almost 4" in about an hour - this morning bright sunshine but oh so humid!! Send your cool mornings our way please dear.

Linda said...

The sun is shining again today. A new mobile of stained glass hearts given to me by my daughter and hanging up among the vine leaves in the covered yard are shining in brilliant blue hues.