Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Secret Garden

Strolling recently through new surroundings,
I happened to spy a garden tucked in behind a fence.
It was on a main street of the village,
but if you didn't take note between the slats of the fence
it would have been missed.
Tip-toeing around behind and walking up a hidden drive,
I found access to this "secret garden".
A garden where dreams could be gathered.
A garden where I could sit in solitude and sip my tea.
A garden that gathered the quiet along with the sunshine
and just whispered a love note to me.

Do you dream of sitting and dreaming in a "secret garden"?
Does it make your heart smile?
Imagine for a moment sitting here.
Would you sit in silence, hold a special book, sip a cup of tea,
listen to soft music, or maybe rest your head with a little nap?
Ahhhhhh ..... Napping in the garden delights my soul.


Jeanie said...

I've always wanted a secret garden. This one was a wonderful find. A secret no more!

Lorrie said...

I love the idea of a secret garden and have ever since reading the children's story by the same name. Charming place you found.

Mary said...

I like to think my back garden is a 'secret garden'. it's really starting to fill in with green now - I must post more pics soon! The azaleas back there are just showing pink - so late this year.

Mary x

Angela McRae said...

Ah, yes, sitting in a secret garden would be just delightful! I think it would feel like being princess of my own kingdom!