Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Flowers to Delight

Recently I wanted to just surround myself with flowers indoors.
You know there are flowers in my garden.
The banner now hanging over my mantle are photos
I had taken in my garden and printed on card stock.
The most delightful flower though was the calla lily with raindrops.
I just love the curve of this flower and the purity of the white with the yellow.
My friend, Mary at A Breath of Fresh Air,
was having a give away on her blog and I was the winner.
It was to choose one photo and have it printed on 16"x20" canvas.
Needless to say, I was thrilled.
The calla lily print came last week and each day as I see it on my mantle
I get just giddy with this beautiful print.

My home is beginning to have flowers all around me and I am loving it.

Canvas Pop was the most generous company with this give away.
You can find the link above.  Thanks, Canvas Pop!!!
I also got a smaller print of another favorite and I am delighted.

Don't forget the give away on yesterday's post.


Relyn Lawson said...

That banner is amazing. Lucky, lucky you!

Lorrie said...

What a great way to surround yourself with flowers!

beth said...

of course your home is starting to have flowers all around it….because that's YOU!!! how fun!!!

Jeanie said...

It's hard to decide which I like best -- the fabulous calla lily or the gorgeous banner! In fact, I can't -- both are terrific!

Must check out that link!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

You made a great choice with your photo Marilyn.
The Calla lily is a fine speciman with perfect lines for the dark background - it really does POP!

What a clever idea using your photos as a banner - I love it!

Shane x

Ginger said...

Your banner is a great idea to showcase photos. Thanks for sharing your idea.

Mary said...

Marilyn, it's really lovely! We are so happy you are enjoying your print.

Ship just set sail for Bratislava, Slovakia this evening after dinner on board. So far this trip is fabulous - Budapest was so amazing again, I love this city so much.

Internet a bit slow and it's late now so will say "goodnight" dear friend.

Mary XO