Wednesday, April 15, 2015

On the Farm, Ei Ei O

Sweet little girl twins.  They had to be bottled fed for awhile.
Cleaning the barn.
Tucked in amongst the trees, a future venue for weddings.
Oh silly chicken, where are you going?
The quick escape artist, Wilbur.
You are too fat to escape your pen again.
Ha! You naughty little pig.

Have you ever dreamed of having a farm?
The song runs through my head of Old MacDonald.
Recently I visited this sweet little farm
where a dream is coming true.
A "niece" (really my cousins daughter), but we call each other
niece and aunt; she had a dream of such a farm.
Her husband caught the dream along with her
and their dreams came true.

How fun to walk around this farm and see dreams coming true.
The vintage barn in the trees will one day be set up for weddings.
My cousin is going to plant baby kiwi on some of the acreage.
I will share with you as the farm grows and flourishes.
A dream come true for this young family.

Do you still have a dream?
May it come true in ways yet unimagined.


Lorrie said...

Such sweet farm animals. I admire anyone willing to take on such an enormous project.
Dreams - yes, I still have them. I hope I always will.

Jeanie said...

These are terrific pix, Marilyn. What a fun time! I haven't been to a farm with baby animals in decades -- what a terrific day!