Friday, April 10, 2015

Fragrance of Springtime!

Oh Spring I smell you.
I delight in the freshness of a Spring rain.
Tucking in bed at night my sheets say Springtime is here.
The blossoms fall as if it is snowing,
but there is a different feel in the air.
I smile for I know the flowers are beginning to shine.
Soon fragrances of roses and lilacs will fill the air.
Do you love the fragrances of each season?
Do you notice what you notice when it comes to natures gifts to the senses?
Take a cup of tea in your hand and stroll through the garden with me.
 The beginning of the lilacs reach for the sky.
Even the daffodils flavor the air.
Violets delight as they naturalize around the tree.

Take time this weekend to notice what you notice.
The fragrance of Springtime.
Happy Weekend, dear friends!


Pamela Gordon said...

I'm visiting from Mary's blog. Congrats on winning the canvas art! I enjoyed the tour of your spring beauty as the only thing green here is the tea I'm drinking. :) Have a great day. Pam

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Beautiful photos! I love the photo of the laundry on the line.

Jeanie said...

Still ahead of us but soon -- nice to be in the east where it's a bit ahead too -- gives me hope!

Mary said...

My sweet little violets popped out today, along with lots of bluebells, AND at last the azaleas are blooming all around the neighborhood. The heavy rain and thunder storm of Friday night made a big difference to the garden - but now we have pollen, a lot of pollen!

Love, Mary

Storybook Woods said...

Beautiful photos. What a spring we have been having. Just lovely. Clarice

Angela McRae said...

I notice the fragrance of spring, the color of spring (the leaves are the prettiest green of the year), and of course all the magnificent blossoms. My jonquils finally decided to bloom over the weekend!

Steph said...

One thing I really miss is being able to hang clothes on the line!