Friday, April 17, 2015

Backdrop to Beauty

Each seasonal change takes me to a special antique mall here in Portland,
As I strolled with my camera recently I just noticed how much structural
elements are being used as a backdrop for showing off a beautiful
vase, flowers, or bust.
There were windows, screens, concrete bench and table, plus ladders.
They just speak to finishing with a frame, a statement of delight.
When you think of decorating your world,
do you consider structural backdrops?
Even if you don't, just enjoy the tour.
It is where I go for a time of quiet reflection,
a time with my camera and to view beauty.

Where do you venture for a time of quiet reflection?
Happy weekend, dear friends!
May the sun shine upon you and delight your heart.


Jeanie said...

If I get to Portland, we are going here!

My special venturing spot is on the agenda for Sunday -- Southern Exposure. (I bet you could never have guessed!)

Angela McRae said...

Love that incredible concrete bench and the old-fashioned looking quilt. This looks like a great place to go for reflection. I've not taken much time for this sort of reflection lately (and I'm feeling it!), but I did pause in between some work this week to just go out in the yard during one of the brief dry moments and check out everything that was blooming. Gardens always fill my soul!

Adrienne said...

Beautiful photos! You reminded me that it's time for me to visit Monticello again. That's one place I've gone in the past for quiet and reflection and a bit of pleasure in the mix. I often drive a few miles from my home to South End Antiques in Aurora for some quiet time. Now we have Red Door Antiques and Retro Revival in our town. I go there often to see what's new and for a bit of conversation with the folks working there.

Storybook Woods said...

I am dieing of going here. Now seeing your pictures, I am even more!! Lucky girl. Clarice

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Oh my, so much eye candy. What an amazing store. Thanks for sharing.


Rosemary said...

Creativity abounds! Love the two ladders, washboard, and floral display, so beautiful and serene.