Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter, A Time of Celebration

 Happy Easter, dear friends!
 A time for new life and flowers.
 Bunnies and a special something to wear.
 Don an Easter bonnet and celebrate.

There is another sky,
Ever serene and fair,
And there is another sunshine,
Though it be darkness there;
Never mind faded forests, Austin,
Never mind silent fields -
Here is a little forest,
Whose leaf is ever green;
Here is a brighter garden,
Where not a frost has been;
In its unfading flowers
I hear the bright bee hum:
Prithee, my brother,
Into my garden come! 
~Emily Dickinson

Into the sunlight of spring time we step with delight.
Rejoice and celebrate!


Steph said...

I like this poem from Emily Dickinson! Happy Easter!

Adrienne said...

Your beautiful flowers remind me of a bundle in the hands of an older gentleman in Trader Joe's today. I commented on the beauty of the arrangement and he said he hoped his wife would feel the same. I suggested he could bring them to my house if she wasn't pleased with them. Have a wonderful Easter, my friend.

Mark said...

I hope you Easter is as special as this post. Happy Easter.

Jeanie said...

I love your photos and a glimpse into your world! And the Dickinson is perfect! Happy Easter!

Tracy said...

Oh, Emily--she's my favorite! Easter Blessings to you & yours, Marilyn!! :o) ((HUGS))

Laura Morrigan said...

What wonderful flowers! I don't think I would fit into any of those dresses! ;)

Beth @ Conversations from my House said...

I have never, for some reason, never tried Darjeeling tea... I do love Emily Dickenson poems.