Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Tea Blender

T Project opened in Portland not long ago
and I have had the pleasure of visiting this lovely space a couple of times.
My second visit was to become more familiar with the tea the owner's, Teri, blends.
The teas have delightful names and blends of natural botanicals, plus organic products.
The atmosphere in the shop is so serene and beautiful.
I described it as Kinfolk in style.
Beside tea there are other delights of teaware, books, and lovely syrups.
I came home with a blackberry wild fennel syrup that I can't wait to experiment with.
Teri also loves to support artists; so you will find apparel and jewelry by local artists.
A sample of her blend of chai with roses should be called
Love Potion #9.  Normally I am not a rose fan, but with the chai flavors it
is just the right balance of flavor.

The tea Teri is featuring right now on her website is Golden Years,
gold-tipped Yunnan tea leaves and snow chrysanthemums.
Another lovely blend.

Visit T Projects website, www.tprojectshop.com
for more information on the location of this lovely new tea shop in Portland.
You will also find an earlier post on her shop with more details at www.beautifulPDX.blogspot.com


Laurie said...

I just visited her site Marilyn. There are several teas I'm anxious to try! What a sweet shop!!

Steph said...

I can't wait to spend more time there too!

Rosemary said...

This looks like a very special place. Serenity and creativity abound.

Joy said...

This sounds like a wonderful place to visit!